A new study(June 23, 2015) reveals that almost a third of U.S. adults admit they lie about flossing to their dentist. 36% of Americans also admit that they would rather do an unpleasant activity, such as cleaning the toilet, rather than flossing.

On the other hand, 60% of attendees say that their partner’s oral health has an effect on their intimacy.

American Academy of Periodontology published an interesting infographics showing the American’s oral hygiene facts and particularly flossing.
Americans lie about flossing

What would you do over flossing?

Are you willing to wash a sink of dirty dishes, wait in a long check-out line, clean the toilet or sit in traffic? It’s okay and, in fact, more than a third of Americans would do that over flossing. So flossing is not that pleasant to a lot of people.

Smile matters in relationships

More than 30% of attendees say that a smile is the first thing they notice when meeting someone they are attracted to. Women value smile even more than men.

So with that being said, a smile is very important in social life. So I encourage you to take care of your smile. If you hate flossing, then try something else. A great alternative would be a water flosser. No matter what brand or model, just take a good one or read what is the best water flosser on the market.

Americans tend to be dishonest about flossing

As you can see, more than a quarter of Americans are dishonest with dentists about how often they floss their teeth. This actually is pretty easy to fix.

If you find yourself skipping flossing, you can try a water flosser, which will make a huge difference to your teeth. One thing about water flossers is that they are easy and fun to use. So there is no “pain” associated with them in patients. People often come back to dentists and say, that they love their water flosser. So if you also hate flossing, then you might give a try to a water flosser.


When it comes to relationships, we tend to value our smile and oral health very high. But we also tend to skip flossing often. It is a problem that has to be tackled. So we basically have two options: learn not to skip flossing or try an alternative.

A great alternative might be a water flosser. It doesn’t matter what brand or model, there are a lot of good water flossers on the market. Just take one and try it. I tried it myself, and I can say, that it made a huge difference to my oral hygiene and my dentist even complimented my teeth health.

If you know of any other possible alternative to flossing, then I encourage you to share it with us. Feel free to hit me on Twitter and I will gladly include share your advice with people.



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