If you are looking to buy a Waterpik, you may have this thought: “What should I know about Waterpik?” Here you have them: 6 facts that will make everything clear for you before purchasing a Waterpik.

Is Waterpik annoying to use?

You may have heard that Waterpik is a weird device. Maybe you think that you may use it once or twice and then it will stay on the shelf without a job. But in fact, Waterpik is pretty convenient once you have mastered it. The first few sessions are weird and pretty messy, and that’s true. But after that, it becomes pretty easy to use. In fact, Waterpik takes less time than string flossing. So don’t worry, you will use your Waterpik often. Even more, dentist report that their patients often fall in love with Waterpik because it makes them feel better.

Does Waterpik replace flossing?

Yes and no. In fact, dentists recommend using Waterpik in addition to flossing. This is an ideal case. But if you are having troubles with flossing, then Waterpik will work great for you as a substitution to floss. It will significantly improve your oral health, cleaning between the teeth and under the gums.

Braces, implants, crowns, and bridges. Waterpik works great for all of them

If you have any of those be sure that Waterpik is especially useful for you. High water pressure cleans plaque and bacteria. It is very easy and convenient as well. Though it doesn’t replace brushing, it is a great addition to brushing and will take care of your braces, implants, crowns, etc. Waterpik fights tartar and furcations as well.

For the better results we recommend using Waterpik before brushing for several reasons:

  • removing plaque, food and bacteria before brushing enhances effects of brushing and toothpaste
  • water flossing before brushing improves compliance
  • seeing the food pieces coming out improves motivation
    • Waterpik is backed by scientific studies

      Waterpik is more effective at fighting different dental diseases(facts from the official Waterpik website):

      • reducing gingivitis – 50% more effective
      • reducing bleeding – 100% more effective
      • removing plaque – 29% more effective
      • implants care – 145% more effective
      • braces care – 300% more effective

      You can share your Waterpik with your family members

      There is no point in buying several Waterpiks. Every family member can use his personal Waterpik Tip and keep it in the Tips Storage of Waterpik. Waterpik comes with several different tips included. You can also purchase additional ones as well.

      Make sure you choose the right Waterpik for you

      There are different Waterpik models. Make sure you choose the right one that fits your lifestyle the best. See the Best Waterpik Water Flosser: Ultimate Guide.



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