Life Basis is a good oral irrigator for the price. I like it because it’s pink and it is awesome for women. It has good performance and big water tank, so it works really well. One important thing that I want you to know is that it’s made in China.

Furthermore, it’s not only made in China, but it’s manufactured in the same factory as other oral irrigators such as ToiletTree Oral Irrigator, SmarToiletries, and others.

What does it mean? Well, it means that different sellers buy from the same Chinese manufacturer and sell the same products under different brand names.

Is it a really bad thing? Not necessarily. Even though the oral irrigators are the same, the customer service is different for every brand.

The products also have different colors. So if you are really into PINK PRODUCTS, I recommend you get Life Basis. If no, then buy the cheapest version(you can click the links for real time prices).

Life Basis Oral Irrigator Review

Now let’s review the product itself and what features it has.

The product has 3 settings and good performance

Life Basis works great for cleaning your teeth.

It has 3 settings:

  • Soft Mode – 40 psi (water pressure)
  • Normal Mode – 60 psi (water pressure)
  • Pulse Mode – 80 psi (water pressure)

Think of them as massage, general use, and cool cleaning.

It should be enough for the average user(even if you have braces).

Water tank is fine and has 6 oz capacity

You will have to refill the water tank for a decent cleaning, but it’s something that you should expect from a portable oral irrigator. 6 oz (or 180 ml) is a good capacity. It’s above the average capacity of other portable alternatives.

It has a lid on the back where you fill in the water. It’s also removable and it’s a good thing. You can clean it in a dishwasher.

I recommend fully drying water tank. It will help to avoid the mold growth.

The unit works worldwide and works well for travel
If you plan using it overseas for travel, then it will work great. It supports 100-240v Voltage. So you will have no problems using it outside the US.

The height of the product is 8 inches (20 cm) and the weight is 9 oz (255g).

It charges for USB, so you can you use Laptop to charge it. It’s very handy in travel.

It comes with 2 Nozzles included. They are color-coded. You can give the second nozzle to your significant other or family member and you can both use the same oral irrigator. If you need more nozzles you can buy additional ones as well.


Life Basis is a good oral irrigator. It has good performance and portability. You can use it for travel or at home. If you love PINK color then you will love this product as well.

Life Basis Oral Irrigator



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