The more power is in your Waterpik, the better it cleans your teeth. Waterpik makes a lot of different models, and most of the top models’ specifications have an excellent power on the paper. Even though they clean really well, their power slightly differs in practice. I have been using Waterpik dental water flossers for quite a long time and have some knowledge to share about the actual power of Waterpik water flossers. I hope I will give a clean answer on the most powerful dental Waterpik water flosser.

The most powerful Waterpik water flosser

There is one Waterpik that stands out from the others in terms of power and its Waterpik Traveler
. This device is the most powerful Waterpik that you can find on the market. A lot of users report that they can’t use it on the highest setting because of its power.

Waterpik traveler is the most powerful

Waterpik Traveler weighs 1 Lbs. Its motor is noticeably more powerful than the other Waterpik water flossers. So if you are looking for the most powerful dental water flosser, then I strongly recommend trying Waterpik Traveler WP-300.

And what about Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius

Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius are very popular countertop models, so why don’t I recommend them as the most powerful Waterpik models? The thing is that Traveler is still more powerful.

Waterpik Ultra is a very good water flosser and provides a high power that is almost comparable to the Traveler’s. And users of Ultra are satisfied with it so far. It’s also cheaper than Waterpik Traveler, so if you don’t plan using your water flosser in travel, then I recommend getting Ultra and not overpaying for the universal compatibility.

Then there is Waterpik Aquarius that is a modern successor of Ultra. Aquarius is slightly less powerful than Ultra, and it may not satisfy you with the highest setting. Although it provides the same 100 PSI pressure on the paper. But in fact, Aquarius is lighter than Ultra on the whole 1 Lbs and it means this weight is lost somewhere in the motor. And the lighter motor provides less power. So if power is important for you, then I recommend getting Ultra over Aquarius.

What about the power of Waterpik Complete Care and Cordless water flossers?

Waterpik Complete Care has the same power as Waterpik Ultra, so it’s also an excellent water flosser in terms(see my full review on Waterpik Complete Care.)

Cordless models have a noticeably lower power that may not be enough for the perfect cleaning. Although it may be okay for occasional traveling(see Cordless Freedom review and Cordless Professional review.)


Waterpik Traveler is the most powerful dental water flosser made by Waterpik. It is also a very compact one and is a great travel companion. And I absolutely recommend getting it if these features are what you are looking for in a water flosser. It is more expensive than other models but it has the most value. Waterpik Ultra and Complete Care are slightly less powerful and are also cheaper, and if you don’t intend using your dental water flosser in travel, then I recommend getting Ultra or Complete Care. Aquarius is less powerful and I cannot recommend using it if you want the most powerful Waterpik.



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