Poseidon Inductive Water Flosser is a cheap model, but it has surprisingly good quality. It has all the features in this small size: inductive charger, powerful water pressure, three different modes. It’s a pretty compelling device, so without any fluff let’s take a closer look at it.

One more thing guys. Let me save your time and say that this one is almost the same as the previous model but plus an inductive charger and a better design. Those two features cost you +$10 more. So you can save $10 and go for a cheaper model, or this one if you prefer having it always charged, which is handy.

ToiletTree Poseidon Inductive Water Flosser

Inductive charger

The very first feature that you see in new Poseidon Water Flosser is that this model stays on a charging base. So you just place it on the base and it charges itself, which is pretty useful. The previous model required 8 hours of charging. With this one, you don’t have to worry about charging at all. This is THE BEST benefit.

Neat looks

This water flosser looks really neat, which is nice. It’s stylish, smooth, so no questions here. It comes in a single color, though. A white body with a blue water tank.


You have three modes:
Soft — 40 psi
Normal —- 60 psi
And Pulse ——- 80 psi

I think it is more powerful than Waterpik Cordless, so it’s cool, right?

The highest setting 80 psi really blows out any pieces of food from your braces and in between the teeth.

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend starting with the lowest setting. Your gums have to get used to it. And then you can go to a higher setting.

The previous model has the same performance as this one.


Only two buttons on the handle:
big ON/OFF button – it’s clear what it does
smaller MODE button – this one switches between soft, normal and pulse modes

LED bulbs indicate what is the current mode.

And that’s it. The handle looks minimalistic and I really like that. It nicely sits in the hand, so the convenience is good.


The water flosser comes with 2 nozzles. They are the same, except for the colored ring at the bottom. You can take one and your partner takes another, so you both know what is the color of your nozzle. Cool, right?


You can travel with this water flosser with no worries. It is very compact, so you just put it in the luggage and you’re fine. The other water flossers have the US-only voltage, but this one is universal, so you can charge it anywhere in the world. And that’s what you should expect from a portable water flosser.

Final conclusion

Poseidon Water Flosser is cheap, has all the features and really works great for travel. It’s pretty portable and stylish. The inductive charger adds to the convenience, so I absolutely recommend buying it.

ToiletTree Poseidon Inductive Water Flosser



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