It is an interesting water flosser that is twice as cheaper as its competitor Waterpik. It cleans well, has many features, so it’s well worth the price. For its strong sides, I would consider convenience and portability. In this ToiletTree Water Flosser review, I cover every aspect of this product, so you could make the right decision.

ToiletTree Professional Rechargable Water Flosser


ToiletTree water flosser has three different modes:

  • Soft Mode – 40 psi, 65 seconds of flossing
  • Normal Model – 60 psi, 75 seconds of flossing
  • Pulse Mode – 80 psi, 80 seconds of flossing

The range of 40-80 psi is enough to make a decent cleaning and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Make sure you do not harm yourself.

We recommend to start with the soft mode and use it for some time until your gums got used to it. You also need to master the flossing before going for the higher mode. Once you feel comfortable start using the normal mode which provides 60 psi of water pressure. This is enough to clean your teeth well.

What about the Pulse Mode?

We recommend using the Pulse Mode when you have something to get out and it doesn’t go away in the Normal Mode. In this case, switch to the Pulse Mode and it will clean everything that is left in between the teeth.

Water Tank

The water tank has the capacity of 6 oz. It’s enough for a minute of flossing, so the size is just right. To fill the water tank you just open the lid and fill it with water.

If you add a mouthwash to it, the cleaning is even better.


The handle is comfortable to hold. It has two buttons on the front:

  • ON/OFF – turns the unit on and off, for sure
  • Mode – switches between soft, normal and pulse modes

The handle also has LED lights indicating which of the modes is currently active.

At the bottom, you also have an outlet for the charger.


The unit holds the charge for 1 week with twice per day usage. With a daily use, it holds 2 weeks. It’s an impressive result.

This longevity should make your life a lot easier. You can take it for short travels with no worries and no cords at all, which makes it a very useful and convenient travel companion.


The water flosser comes with 2 nozzles. They have different colors, so every user knows what nozzle he owns.

The nozzles are made from a solid plastic in white/black/metal color depending on the color of the water flosser itself. A thin colored strip at the bottom of the nozzle helps for multiuser usage.

Dimensions and weight

The height of the water flosser is 8″ (20 cm) and the size of the box is 10″. It’s a little higher than an electric toothbrush on your countertop.

The unit is lightweight and feels comfortable in the hand.


ToiletTree Water Flosser comes with Universal Voltage 100-240V~50-60Hz. It means you can use it anywhere in the world. It is a big advantage because many of the competitive water flossers can’t be used outside of the US.


ToiletTree Water Flosser has a good ergonomic design and is very convenient to use. The filling of the water tank is also simple and straightforward. The possibility to use it cordless and use it anywhere in the world makes it a perfect travel companion. Overall the convenience of the ToiletTree Water Flosser is on the high level.


With all its goodness ToiletTree Water Flosser has its own flaws. One of it is that the unit may stop working after 6 months.

But there is the good news.

The good news is that the company is very responsive and has a great service. ToiletTree monitors social media and listens to any complaints the user may have. It often happens that the company replaces the water flosser with the brand new one and with no cost from your side, even the shipping is free. So you can be sure that you are covered and it’s a big plus for the company.

Final conclusion

ToiletTree Water Flosser is a good quality product. It is twice as cheaper as Waterpik and still provides all the features you may need. It is easy to use and provides a decent service for your teeth and gums’ health. It is an amazing travel companion as well.

The company also cares about its customers and is willing to provide you with the new unit if you have any complaints. With all that being said, I totally recommend this ToiletTree Water Flosser and I think it’s worth the price.

ToiletTree Professional Rechargable Water Flosser



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