2Nice Water Flosser is good for travel. The price is low, but the quality is good.

Here is an overview of the features:

  • Compact size
  • 2 settings
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • 5 steps to prepare for use
  • It’s USB rechargeable
  • Fancy-looking Apple-style box
  • 5 Tips included
  • Foldable tips make it smaller
  • Nasal Wash function
  • It has the height of an electric toothbrush
  • 6 oz water tank serves as a cover

For more details welcome to my 2NICE Water Flosser review.

2NICE Water Flosser IPX6

Compact water flosser

This product is compact, so it works for travel well. The water tank serves as a cover. The tip is foldable, so it folds down and makes the product compact.

2NICE Water Flosser Parts

It has 2 settings and does the job

2Nice has 2 settings:
High – high water pressure for the best results
Low – lower water pressure, for gentle cleaning and nasal wash.

You can use the setting that you prefer the most. It depends on your gums sensitivity. The higher the better. But for nasal washing please make sure you use the low setting.

It does the job. The motor is powerful enough. It is loud but it’s something that you should expect from a powerful product. Though the manufacturer doesn’t specify the exact pressure level in PSI.

Comes with a travel bag

The travel bag is included with the product. It’s nice and looks attractive with its bright blue color. It makes it easy to carry around. It provides extra safety for your luggage because it won’t wet your clothes when placed in the travel bag.

2NICE Water Flosser Body

5 steps to prepare it for use

  • Pull off the bottom cover
  • Pour water into the water tank
  • Pull out the suction pipe from the bottom
  • And mount the water tank to the body
  • Then unfold the tip and you are good to go.
2NICE Water Flosser Suction Pipe

In those simple 5 steps, the small water flosser transforms into a full-size 6 inches high device.

It is USB rechargeable

The water flosser is rechargeable from USB. It comes with a cable. The cable has a proprietary port, so don’t lose it, because you will have a hard time finding a replacement. The charge holds for a week+ which is cool. It takes few hours to recharge this device.

2NICE Water Flosser USB Charging

Comes in the Apple-style box

The box is neat and the product fits it nicely. You get this feeling of quality packaging similar to Apple products.

2NICE Water Flosser Box

5 Tips included and they are foldable

The product comes with 5 tips:

  • 3x Classic Jet Tips
  • Periodontal Pockets Tip
  • Nasal Tip

The tips are 360 degrees rotatable. It makes it convenient to reach hard places in the mouth.

The tip is foldable. So you unfold it before use. This feature makes the whole device smaller. That’s why it takes a little space.

It has Nasal Wash function

There is a Nasal Tip that has a rubber end and works well for nasal washing. Make sure you use the low setting for it.

2Nice Water Flosser Nasal Tip

It has the height of an electric toothbrush

In the assembled state it is as high as an electric toothbrush. It’s about 6 inches (16 cm). In the compact state, it is half of the height.

2Nice Water Flosser Bottom

Make sure you clean it after user

The product must be cleaned and dried to avoid mold growth. Make sure you don’t have any water left and the whole unit is dry. It’s something that you should keep in mind and it is related to all water flossers.

The water tank is small and works as a cover

The capacity of the water tank is 6.7 oz (200 ml). It is small, but that’s expected in a compact water flosser. You have to refill it for a full mouth floss. The small size makes it small and portable. So if you are looking for a water flosser with big water tank you better off take a look on Waterpik Ultra. It has a big water tank and works better for home use.

Water tank works also as a cover for the body.

Overall quality is good

The plastic is thick and the unit is well assembled. You can feel that this product is good quality. The motor is powerful. The battery also should stay for awhile.


Overall the water flosser is good and works well for travel people. Its compact size also makes it a good fit for small countertops. The price is low and the quality is fine. I recommend this product.

2NICE Water Flosser IPX6



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