CQ Wellness has a good water flosser, that has all the essential features: good motor, big water tank and a lot of tips. This makes it a good device for your teeth. Let’s see more details in this CQ Wellness CQW-F1 Classic Water Flosser Review.

CQ Wellness CQW-F1 Classic Water Flosser


This water flosser has good performance. The motor is big and it provides high pressure. So it cleans well.

It has 10 pressure settings, adjusted with a dial. This thing is turned on/off with a switch on the control panel.

The water tank is 20 oz(600 ml). It’s a big one and provides 90 seconds of use. There are level marks on the tank. It has a cover to prevent the dust coming in.

You can use mouthwash and add it to the tank if you want. It improves the results.


The water tank is covered with a lid and the lid has a tips storage inside it. The storage can keep 4 tips. There is also the second tips storage on the base that can store another 3 tips. So you can store 7 tips total.

And this thing comes with exactly 7 Tips included:
3 Classic Jet Tips
1 Plaque Seeker Tip
1 Orthodontic Tip
1 Pik Pocket Tip
1 Tongue Cleaner Tip

All the tips are color-coded, so every family member knows what’s his tip color.

The base has rubber legs, so it doesn’t slide on the countertop. You can pull the hose and the water flosser will stay in its place since the weight is 1.5 pounds.

The handle has 2 buttons:
Water Pause button
Tips Eject button
The handle is light and convenient. It can also rotate the tips in 360 degrees.

The height is 9.4 inches(23 cm), width and length – 6 in x 8 in. It is okay since it’s a countertop model and has a powerful motor.


The plastic is fine. The motor is powerful, so it should stay for a while. The water flosser comes with 2-Year Warranty.


It works from the wall outlet and it doesn’t work from 240v. To use it overseas you have to buy an AC adapter, that will convert 110v to 240v and then it will work fine.


CQW-F1 Classic Water Flosser is good quality. It has a powerful motor, big water reservoir and comes with a variety of tips. It is a good water flosser for the countertop, so I recommend it.

CQ Wellness CQW-F1 Classic Water Flosser



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