Highlights of the product:

  • Many accessories: special cup for accessories & water, UV Sanitizer, Travel Case, Floss Cartridges
  • Toothbrush Feature
  • Inductive Charger
  • Pulsates dental floss
  • Supports both 110v/240v
  • Metal Tongue Cleaner
  • Portable and Compact
  • Great for Travel

JetPik JP200

JetPik JP200 is a modern product. It comes with a lot of accessories. Its cool benefits are dental floss pulsation and UV Sanitizer. It’s also compact and works great for travel. This product is high quality.

JetPik is the company that makes water flossers that I personally find interesting and they have some unique benefits, that differentiate them from the other water flossers. The main difference that makes JetPik more effective is pulsating floss. JP200 water flosser pulsates the water and dental floss at the same time and that makes a regular flossing unnecessary.

When you start learning about JetPik it becomes clear that JetPik spends a lot of time on thoroughly analyzing the use cases and how they could make their product better. As the result they produce well-thought water flossers that are effective, flexible and convenient to use. Overall I find that JetPik is a great value for the price they ask. So let’s discuss JP200 and what it has to offer to you.



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It has 2 speeds both for water flosser and a toothbursh

JetPik JP200 has a blue slider on the back of the handle. You use it to change between low and high speed. To change the speed for toothbrush use ON button. For the first time it may be too intense, so I recommend using the low speed first.

It has different versions: home, travel, elite, and ultra

The difference between those is accessories.
Home – basic version
Travel – has travel case
Elite – cup, travel case and tongue cleaner
Ultra – all from Elite + UV Sanitizer
So accessories is the only difference. You choose what you like the most.

It pulsates dental floss

It’s the main feature of JetPik. It pulsates dental floss. It uses floss cartridges for that and it comes with 10 cartridges. Dental floss pulsation makes JetPik really effective and better than Waterpik.

It replaces regular floss

Just make sure you change cartridges regularly. I recommend changing them every month(official recommendation every 2 weeks). Floss cartridges go into the nozzle. You put it there and start the unit and that’s it.

It comes with 3 color-coded nozzles

The nozzles are easy to recognize and use for different people. They are all the same. Waterpik has different nozzles for braces, periodontal pockets, etc. And JetPik nozzles are identical.

It charges from USB(works for 100-240v)

It comes with a USB charger. So you can charge it from your Laptop. It’s handy both for home and for travel.

The charger is inductive

You just put the handle on it and it charges. Nice feature.

You can use it with any bottle/cup

When you travel you can use any bottle. That’s why JetPik works great for travel. You just put a suction tube into the bottle.

It has a cool travel case

The travel case can store all of the accessories. Nozzles, tube, cartrdiges, handle. Everything fits in it. The size is 6.93 x 4.13 x 1.81 inches(176 x 105 x 46 mm).

The travel case is made of plastic.

Ultra version comes with UV Sanitizer for nozzles

UV Sanitizer makes it easier to clean the nozzles after use.

Use this technique to prevent the mold growth

Run the unit without water and it will dry the tube. Also dry the cup after use. This will prevent the mold growth inside the tube and the cup.

It has a Toothbrush function

JetPik comes with 2 Toothbrush heads. The toothbrush has 2 speeds. You use ON button to adjust the speed.

If you don’t use floss cartridges you can still use it

If you decide to not use the floss cartridges you can still use JetPik. Just make sure you put an empty cartridge in the nozzle.

It’s waterproof and water resistant

So you can use it in the shower. And even if you don’t, it’s still nice to have. Water resistance makes it more robust.

2-Year warranty suggests for quality

Some reviewers say that the battery may stop working. But its mostly for older versions. The new ones work fine and the quality is good. And 2-Year Warranty makes this product a safe purchase.

The battery is embedded in the unit

Just be aware that the battery cannot be replaced. It’s embedded.

It comes with a metal tongue cleaner

The cable is 28” long

Let’s take a closer look on all the parts

The Handle

The handle looks very slim and stylish. It has the following controls on it:

  • ON/OFF button – turns the unit on and off. It also controls the speed of toothbrush head when used with toothbrush tip (nozzle).
  • Brush LED light – lights up when toothbrush head is inserted into the handle.
  • Tip LED light – lights up when water flossing tip is inserted into the handle.
  • Battery LED light – indicates battery charge level. Every time JetPik is turned on the battery LED blinks 4 times when the battery is fully charged, 3 times when it is 80%, 2 times when it is 50% and one time when it’s less than 20%.
  • Charger – charges the battery wirelessly using induction. Before first use you have to charge the battery for 8 hours and when the battery is fully charged the LED light will stay steady. The charger can be inserted into either USB port or (via adapter) into a socket. The voltage is universal 100-240v AC.
  • Tip eject button – you can press it to easily remove the tip.
  • Water pressure switch – allows you to adjust the water pressure to your personal preference. If you haven’t used a water flosser before, I recommend starting with a lower setting and gradually increasing it as you are becoming comfortable with the device.
  • Water Inlet – you pop the water supply tube into it

JetPik Water Flosser JP200 Front
JetPik Water Flosser JP200 Back
JetPik JP200 Water Flosser Handle

The handle is also waterproof which means you can take it in the shower and not worry about the device being broken.

Pulsating dental floss

JetPik water flossers are unique on the market, because of their ability to pulsate dental floss along with the water. So the tip pulsates both water and dental floss making the whole process a lot more efficient and improving the cleaning effect. This feature makes JetPik the absolute replacement for string floss. Other water flossers such as Waterpik don’t replace floss, so in this sense, JetPik is a superior product.

JetPik uses special floss capsules that are placed into the tip. It’s not clear “how much” floss the capsule contains, but JetPik says that it is enough for 2-3 weeks of flossing. The process is fairly simple:
JetPik JP200 Floss Capsule (Cartridge)
JetPik JP200 Floss Capsule (Cartridge) in the Nozzle
JetPik JP200 Nozzle

  1. you insert the floss capsule into the tip
  2. then you insert the tip into the handle
  3. and then you start the water flosser

When JetPik starts, it primes the floss and you will see that string floss starts pulsating.

Floss cartridges

JetPik Floss Cartridges(Capsules)

JetPik comes with 10 floss cartridges(capsules) and official manual recommends changing floss capsules every two weeks, so they should stay for a while, before you need new ones. I can say that you can use one cartridge for about a month. 10 floss cartridges currently cost $10, so you basically need to buy a replacement pack every year or so.

Floss cartridges are not mandatory though and you can use your JetPik without them if you decide.


JetPik JP200 comes with 3 tips/nozzles that are have different colors. It makes them easier to use for your significant other or children and not confuse tips. Except the color, the tips are identical.

Sonic Toothbrush

JP200 includes 2 Sonic Toothbrush heads. You can replace regular water flossing tips with toothbrush heads and your JetPik transforms to a toothbrush. Sonic Toothbrush is pretty powerful. Although it doesn’t rotate, it’s vibrating head cleans your teeth very well. Many users report that their teeth become whiter after switching to JetPik Sonic Toothbrush.

To use Sonic Toothbrush all you have to do is:

  • Remove the water flossing tip(nozzle) by pushing the eject button
  • Put into the handle your toothbrush head

You will notice that toothbrush LED indicator will light up which means that JP200 switched into a toothbrush mode and it will vibrate toothbrush head instead of flossing.

There are 2 speeds in the Toothbrush Mode: high and low. When you turn ON JetPik it works on a high speed by default. Pressing the turn ON button again switches to a low speed. The third press turns the unit OFF.

Tongue cleaner

The Tongue Cleaner that comes with JetPik is made of metal and is quite strong. It takes out the gunk out of your mouth. It improves the breath and I also noticed that my overall mood improves when I use the tongue cleaner.

Travel case

JetPik water flossers are known to be very travel-friendly. They come with a handy travel case that makes travelling with JetPik a breeze. I personally can say that this case is very well thought. It can fit in:

  • the handle
  • 3 tips (water flossing tips or toothbrush heads in any combination)
  • tongue cleaner
  • few floss capsules
  • a 3 gram travel toothpaste
  • and travel water tube with clip

It all fits in the main pocket and there is a secondary pocket that also fits the charger.

The travel case has dimensions 6.9 x 4.1 x 1.8 inches or 176mm x 105mm x 46mm. So it is very compact case as you see. I am very satisfied with the level of thoroughness that JetPik is approaching with when designing their products. Everything is well thought and every use case is thouroughly designed. And this travel case is the proof.

The Cup

The JetPik cup looks very slick. It is also well designed and has two use cases:

  • It serves as a water reservoir for your water flosser. You basically just put a water in it and connect the water supply tube to the handle and you are good to go.
  • It holds all JetPik accessories in it. The cover that comes with every cup has special places where you put your JetPik accessories such as water flossing tips(nozzles), toothbrush heads and tongue cleaner.

What I like about this cup more is that when I finished my water flossing and brushing I can put all the accessories back into it and wrap the rubber tube and hide it into the cup. So the cup becomes very compact and takes little of counter space.

One more tip for the cup: make sure you dry the cup before placing heads into it. This way it will not collect any mold.

UV Sanitizer

What I love about this Sanitizer:

  • it automatically shuts down when it’s done
  • it cleans 2 tips and toothbrush head
  • it works from the same charger as the handle

UV Sanitizer cleans your water flossing tips and toothbrush heads. You just put your tips (max two) and toothbrush head into the Sanitizer and then place it on the charger. The green LED will light up indicating that Sanitizer started working. It will clean your accessories for 10 minutes and will automatically turn off after that.

And in this UV Sanitizer you can also see how JetPik makes their products. The single charger works both for handle and sanitizer. You should not worry about sanitizer, just put it on the charger and it will automatically go off when it’s done. It keeps two water flossing nozzles and toothbrush head, so you can clean all of your accessories.

One thing to note here is that UV Sanitizer comes only in JetPik Ultra model. So is the UV Sanitizer a must have accessory? Actually no. The same effect can be achieved if you just clean your tips and toothbrush heads in a solution of baking soda and water once a week. This will kill all the bacteria and save you some money, even though it may not be so convenient and simple as using a special UV Sanitizer.

Inductive charger

The charger that comes with JetPik is inductive. It means that you just place the handle on the charger and it works. The same goes for UV Sanitizer. Though most of modern toothbrushes use this type of charging.

The good part about the charger is that it is USB compatible and so you can use your laptop to charge the handle in a travel. The charger also has AC Adapter and has universal 100-240 AC Voltage that means that you can use it anywhere in the world. For comparison Waterpik only has one model that has universal Voltage and it’s Waterpik Traveler WP-300.

The charger’s cord is 28″ long which is enough. Especially knowing that you can plug it into any place where you charge your phone, since it has USB plugin.

The downside of this charger is that charging the handle takes up to 24 hours which is a lot.

Difference between different JetPik water flossers (JP50, JP200 and JP210)

JetPik makes great water flossers. But they have different models JP50, JP200 and JP210 and it may be hard to understand what is the difference between all those water flossers without long research. So let’s find out what those models have to offer to you.

What is common between different JetPik Water Flossers

The one thing that is common for all the JetPik Water Flosers is that they all have power floss function, which means they all pulsate water plus dental floss. The dental floss goes from floss capsules that are inserted into the nozzle. All JetPik models come in a different packages and it means that JP50, JP200 are all available in several packages: Ultra, Elite, Travel and Home. JP210 is more suited for travel and has a single Solo package.

JetPik JP50 Water Flosser

JP50 is the smallest water flosser in a JetPik line. Basically it’s only a water flosser without toothbrush. It still pulsates both water and dental floss and does it with the same effectiveness, but it doesn’t include a toothbrush head. Is it a good choice? Of course, especially if you already got a good toothbrush and don’t need another one, why should you spend extra money on excessive toothbrush heads? So if you don’t need an extra toothbrush in your house then it’s a perfect choice for you.

JetPik JP200 Water Flosser

The only additional that JP200 water flosser has over JP50 is additional toothbrush head that you can use. It is a very good toothbrush though and is totally worth its money. And in the case you want a single device for your oral care then it is a very good choice. And especially taking into account that JP200 is only more $10 more expensive it is a bargain.

JetPik JP210 Water Flosser

Here are the key differences that JP210 has over JP200:

  • It’s more compact
  • It has a cord charger instead of inductive one
  • It comes in a Solo package that doesn’t include a cup
  • It’s better suited for travel

If you are a heavy travel person then JP210 would fit you better than JP200. Why exactly JP210? Because it has a cord charger instead of inductive one as in JP200 and you can plug it in and throw anywhere in a bag or on a bad and it will be charging, whereas JP200 has inductive charged and it has to stand on a table or counter space to be charging. JP210 also doesn’t include a cup and only has a Solo package. It is also more compact in size. All these features make JP210 a better choice for a travel person.

Comparison to Waterpik

JetPik and Waterpik are both major water flosser brands and they both have a multitude of different models that have different features and price ranges, so it may be hard to decide what water flosser to choose without a thorough research. Since I know a lot about water flossers I tried to lay out the main differences in the most simple way.

Here are the key differences between JetPik and Waterpik:

  • JetPik pulsates dental floss along with the water that makes it more effective in terms of cleaning. Waterpik pulsates only water.
  • JetPik has external water reservoir and Waterpik has embedded reservoir. It makes JetPik smaller and gives you more flexibility in terms of travel. You can use any bottle or a cup filled with water. Waterpik’s embedded water reservoir makes its water flossers more bulky.
  • JetPik requires changing floss capsules regularly, whereas Waterpik doesn’t have floss capsules at all. Though JetPik may be used without floss cartridges, but it makes JetPik less effective in this case.
  • JetPik has basically one model with different accessory packages, whereas Waterpik has different models with different features in them
  • JetPik is travel compatible since it is compact and has a universal Voltage. Waterpik also has travel models such as Traveler WP-300, Cordless Freedom and Cordless Professional. Other Waterpik models are not travel compatible and can only be used in North America.

Take a look at Waterpik Cordless Advanced

Waterpik Cordless Advanced Body

This is a cool alternative. It’s a good quality and cordless. And it doesn’t use dental floss cartridges. So if you are interested take a look at Waterpik Cordless Advaned.

Final conclusion

It’s a quality product. Pulsating dental floss, toothbrush, portability. All that makes it a really good product. The quality is good. It is also great for travel people and can be used worldwide. So absolutely I recommend it.

JetPik JP200

JetPik JP200 FAQ

Can I use it in the shower? Yes, JetPik is waterproof which means you can use it in shower with no worries.
When to replace the floss capsule? Official JetPik’s recommendation is to replace the floss capsule every 2 weeks. But since how much you use your JetPik may differ pay attention to the length of the floss. When you turn on the water flosser you can see the floss is coming out of the tip and if its length is less than a quarter inch than it’s time to replace the capsule.
How JetPik is different form Waterpik? The main difference is that JetPik pulsates dental floss along with water which makes it more effective and substitutes a regular flossing. Waterpik on the other hand pulsates only water.

Can I share JetPik with significant other/family members? Yes, just make sure you use different nozzles. The nozzles are marked with different colors specifically for this.
Can my chidlren use this water flosser? Yes, just make sure you teach them how to use JetPik and ensure that they know that it’s not a toy. Incorrect use may harm. Especially in the sensitive areas like under the tongue. Supervise your children for the first uses. Other than that it is safe.
My JetPik always blinks when I put it on the charger and it doesn’t stop blinking. What is wrong with it? When JetPik handle is blinking it means that it is charging. Please give it a time to fully charge. Once it’s charged it will have a steady LED light. It may take up to 24 hours for the full charge.
When I turn on my JetPik it blinks four times. What does it mean? It means that the battery is fully charged. It will start blinking less times when the battery has less juice left. It is recommended to charge the device once it started blinking one time (it means the battery has less than 20% of power left.)
What is a Voltage of this water flosser? The Voltage of JetPik water flosser is 100 to 240 AC Volts. It’s global Voltage and can be used anywhere in the world.
Can I use toothbrush heads on the older/different JetPik version? No, unfortunately JetPik toothbrush heads are not interchangeable.
Can I use it without a floss cartridge? Yes, you can still use your JetPik water flosser without floss capsules. Please note that in this case the effectiveness will decrease.