There are two major water flosser brands, and those are JetPik and Waterpik. What are the differences, pros, and cons of each brand and what is better for you? It may be hard to answer without proper research, reading a bunch of articles and watching YouTube videos. I will try to show you the whole picture in this article in short and concise form.

The main differences between Waterpik and JetPik:

  • WaterPik has an embedded water reservoir and JetPik uses a separate cup.
  • WaterPik pulsates water under high pressure, and JetPik pulsates both water and dental floss(though it doesn’t specify the water pressure level.)
  • JetPik entirely replaces regular flossing and Waterpik doesn’t, though it makes it a lesser need.
  • JetPik is more compact and is smaller than most of the Waterpik models, though Waterpik also has cordless models that are smaller than typical countertop Waterpik water flossers, but they are still larger than JetPik because have an embedded reservoir.
  • JetPik has Universal Voltage. You can use JetPik anywhere in the world. Waterpik has only few models that have Universal Voltage

Waterpik’s embedded water reservoir vs JetPik’s separate cup

Waterpik water flossers come with integrated water reservoir. It has both pros and cons. The good thing about embedded Waterpik reservoirs is that they are always in place and ready for use. You still can remove them and put them in a dishwasher or fill with water in the sink. But on the other hand, it makes Waterpik water flossers bulkier and less convenient in travel. The issue becomes apparent in cordless models that are meant for use in travel and are more compact than regular countertop Waterpiks.

On the other hand, JetPik water flossers don’t embed the water reservoir in their body. This makes them more convenient for travel since you don’t have to carry the water tank with you and you can just take the handle and use any bottle/cup you have in a hotel room. You just fill it with some water and it’s ready for use.

The con of using a separate cup as a water reservoir in JetPik makes it less convenient for use at home because you have to unwrap the tube and connect it to the handle every time you use your water flosser.

You have two parts: the cup and the handle instead of a single device body as in Waterpik.

So both JetPik and Waterpik have their use cases, and they are just different, and you have to decide which what feels better to you.

Waterpik pulsates water under high pressure

Most of the countertop Waterpik models have 10 pressure settings that you can adjust according to your personal preference. JetPik, on the other hand, doesn’t specify water pressure level, but it is more efficient in cleaning your teeth because it pulsates dental floss along with the water.

JetPik uses floss cartridges that you put into the tip. And it means you have to replace floss cartridges from time to time, though. JetPik recommends replacing floss cartridges every two weeks or when the floss pieces pulsating out of the tip become smaller than a quarter if the inch.

Even though Waterpik cleans your teeth well, it’s not effective enough to substitute regular flossing

And you still have to floss, though you may find it becomes a lesser need with Waterpik. JetPik, on the other hand, entirely replaces flossing thanks to its dental floss pulsation. It pulsates dental floss 20 times per second that allows it to clean in between your teeth more thoroughly and remove any food left there.

JetPik is more compact and is far better suited for travel

Its small size, Universal Voltage and principle of the external water reservoir in the form of any cup/bottle makes it the best travel companion. You just take the handle, tips, the charger, put all that in the travel case that comes with JetPik and that’s it.

Then you can use it in a hotel room with any cup or a regular water bottle.

Waterpik, on the other hand, has the water reservoir integrated into the body of the unit. It is very convenient for home since it’s a single base with all details needed. But it also makes it bulkier which is less convenient for travel.

Waterpik makes cordless models such as Cordless Freedom that are smaller and have Universal Voltage, but they are still bigger than JefPik. And since Waterpik doesn’t pulsate dental floss they are less efficient.

JetPik uses an inductive charger with Universal Voltage that you can use anywhere in the world

Waterpik on the other hand is mostly the US-only compatible and has only one model Waterpik Traveler WP-300 with Universal Voltage. Though it also has Cordless Freedom WF-03 that uses 3 AA batteries and you can also use it for travel since it’s the smallest Waterpik on the market.


As you can see, there are several differences between Waterpik and JetPik such as water reservoir, dental floss pulsation, size, and voltage. All these fundamental differences make JetPik a better-suited water flosser for travel.

Waterpik is more convenient for home use though and has its own pros.

Both water flosser brands are good and improve your oral health. The question is what is better for you? Travel or home?

I hope this short overview was useful and helped you to understand the difference between Waterpik and JetPik more clearly. If you could share this article with your friends, it would significantly support the website.



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