Waterpik Aquarius comes as a new “designer line” made by Waterpik that is compact in size and has a really slick look. This model is the next logical step in evolution of it’s predecessor model WP-100 Ultra. This water flosser has big water reservoir, provides high adjustable water pressure (10 settings of pressure) and has some unique features that are not present in other Waterpik models such as Massage Mode and Timer with Pacer that are not so important but are nice to have though.

Waterpik Aquarius

Short Overview

It generates high pressure 100 psi

This is the best-in-class performance. So it cleans well.

It is available in 4 colors

Available colors are White, Black, Pink and Teal.

It has 10 Settings

10 available settings allow you to adjust the pressure. The highest setting is pretty strong. I recommend starting with the lowest and getting used to it. Then you can use higher settings. The highest one provides 100 psi pressure.

Removable Water Tank 22 oz

The water tank is big. It’s 22 oz (650 ml). It is enough for 90 seconds use.

7 Tips included

The unit comes with 7 tips. It also has a tips storage at the water tank. You can store 2 tips there. The tips are color-coded, so it’s easy to recognize yours. There are general tips as well as orthodontic ones.

Works on Voltage 110v/120v

It means you can use it in the US. For the overseas use please buy an adapter 220v/110v. It is also not for travel because it uses electricity network.

Nice design

This unit looks good. You will also like it more if you pick a good color.

It has a 2-Minute Timer

It works 2 minutes and then shuts down. It also has 30-Second pacer, so you know when you should move to the next quadrant of your mouth. If you don’t want a timer I recommend taking a look at Waterpik Ultra. It is a good product without Timer.

It has a pause button on the handle

It is a slider actually. You press it and it stops the water. It’s useful when you want to reposition the tip in your mouth.

It has 3-Year Warranty

It is a good quality product. And 3-Year Warranty supports that statement. So you should feel safe buying this product.

It has Massage Mode

Massage mode makes more pulsations. They massage your gums. To use it you just press the button.

Let’s take a closer look at each part

Water reservoir

Waterpik Aquarius has a large 650 ML (22 oz) water reservoir. That capacitiy is typical for countertop models and provides you with 90+ seconds of work. Water reservoir has measurements printed on the outside in Ounces and ML, but you can see them only when you remove the reservoir to fill it with water. A lid on top covers the reservoir and most of countertop models do also have it (except Traveler and Kids models.)

Control panel

The control panel sits on the left side of water flosser and has following controls on it:

  • turn on/off button
  • mode button
  • current mode LED indicator
  • water pressure dial

ON/OFF button is self-explanatory, mode button switches water flosser between Flossing and Massage modes and LED indicator shows what is the current mode. This water flosser provides 10 pressure settings so you can adjust the pressure to your needs. Water pressure dial allows you adjust water pressure from 1 (equals to 10 PSI pressure) to 10 (equals to 100 PSI pressure). It is recommended to start with lower pressure setting and gradually increase it over time when your teeth adapt to it.

Tips storage

Tips storage migrated under the lid and now sits between the water tank and device body. It can store 2 tips and that also means that you have to keep the other 5 tips that come with the device somewhere else in case you plan to use them on a regular basis. I personally use a single Orthodontic Tip because I wear braces but your situation of course may differ.

7 Tips included

  • One Orthodontic Tip ideal for braces
  • One Pik Pocket Tip for periodontal pockets and furcations
  • One Plaque Seeker Tip for implants crowns and bridges
  • One Toothbrush Tip for general use
  • Three Classic Jet Tips for general use


Waterpik Aquarius is smaller and higher than it’s predecessor WP-100 Ultra (10.3″ x 4.7″ x 3.8″ Aquarius) compared to (9.9″ x 5.6″ x 5.3″ Ultra). It’s also more lightweight (1.46 Lbs Aquarius) compared to (2.4 Lbs Ultra) but I’m not sure if the weight has any benefits to the end user.


Wateprik Aquarius is presented in two different series: WP-660 series and WP-67x series, also known as designer series.
Standard model is WP-660 and is presented in white color and will cost you on $10 less than designer models.
Designer series is presented in four colors: white(WP-670), black(WP-672), pink(WP-674) and teal(WP-676). It has improved design, chrome buttons and actually looks gorgeous and slick on the counter space.

Waterpik Aquarius standard model WP-660:

Waterpik Aquarius White WP-660 Water Flosser

Aquarius WP-660 White

Waterpik Aquarius designer series models:



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See this Waterpik Aquarius Infographics

Waterpik Aquarius White WP-670

Aquarius WP-670 White

Waterpik Aquarius Black WP-672

Aquarius WP-672 Black

Waterpik Aquarius Pink WP-674

Aquarius WP-674 Pink

Waterpik Aquarius Teal WP-676

Aquarius WP-676 Teal

The only difference between standard model WP-660 and designer series models is looks. Designer series models come in four different colors, have chrome buttons and look more stylish and futuristic. And so that you could compare standard model with designer series I’ve made picture of both water flossers. Please take a look to have a better understanding what are the differences.

WP-660 vs WP-670 comparison


The handle has ON/OFF switcher for stopping water pressure. It is convenient to stop water at the begining and the end of water flossing. It is also useful when you want to reposition the tip in your mouth. Please note that it doesn’t stop the device, but rather stop water flow from the tip and device motor keeps working at this time.

The handle also has a button that you press when you want to take out the tip and switch it on another. Switching tips is very easy. You are just pushing a tip into the whole on the handle and it will “click”. That’s it. There is also a “spinner” on the handle that allows spinning the tip, but it’s not very useful since rotating wrist is more convenient and simple for most people.

Aquarius has some novice features that are not available in other models.


The first is 1-Minute Timer with 30-Second Pacer. If you tend to brush your teeth unevenly then the Timer will be pretty useful for you. It works pretty simply: after 30 seconds of flossing the device will make a short pause and then continue working and make another pause at 1-minute point. Those pauses remind you to move to another quadrant of your mouth, thus making your cleaning consistent and evenly spread.

In case you don’t want the machine to tell you how long you should be cleaning your teeth then you can easily disable this feature. Here is how you can disable Waterpik Timer:

  1. While the device is turned off wake it up by pressing the mode button. One of the LED bulbs should light up.
  2. Press and hold the mode button for 3 seconds until the Message Mode LED starts blinking and that’s it. Timer is disabled now.

To enable Waterpik Timer again (just in case you may want to do that in the future): you do the same steps as outlined above, but in this case Floss Mode LED bulb will start blinking and it will indicate that the Timer is enabled.

And I found another one super-quick tip to enable a Waterpick Timer: you basically just unplug it from the network and it will reset settings to factory defaults. It also means that if you still want to keep the timer disabled you will have to disable it every time you unplug the device from the network, so just keep that in mind.

Massage Mode

Another feature that is available is the new Massage Mode that is officially called Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode. It is intended to be used after regular flossing. In this mode the flosser gently massages your gums with pulsation. To enable Massage mode just press the mode button and you will see the LED light switched to Massage. Then point the tip on your gums and gently massage them. The LED indicator is pretty convenient and shows the current mode. It is also interesting that no other Waterpik model has this feature.

Comparison to Waterpik Ultra WP-100

WP-670 vs WP-100 Comparison
Aquarius model is very similar to its predecessor Waterpik WP-100 Ultra. It has some nice features over Ultra such as design, dimensions, Timer and weight. But with all that it also has some disadvantages such as it’s lighter on a whole pound (1.4 Lbs Aquarius against 2.4 Lbs Ultra) that when combined with a stiff hoze can cause your Waterpik shifting around the countertop.

Another disadvantage that I personally find very important is the tips storage. Aquarius can only store 2 tips and it’s perfectly fine if you live alone or have a significant other with you. But if you have a child then you have to find a place to keep the third tip which is inconvenient I think. In this regard Waterpik Ultra WP-100 is better because it allows you to store 4 tips.

If you are a travel person then Aquarius is not the best for travel by all means. You definitely should check out Waterpik Cordless Freedom that I also reviewed. It is just perfectly suited for travel, works from AA batteries and is a lot smaller.

Final conclusion

Waterpik Aquarius is a quality product. It has high pressure and a colorful design. Its big water tank and massage mode is good as well. 3-Year Warranty make it a safe purchase and proof the quality. I absolutely recommend it.

Waterpik Aquarius

Waterpik Aquarius FAQ

Where are the tips stored? The tips are stored under the lid in a small storage that can hold 2 tips.
How loud is Aquarius? It is pretty loud. I made measurements and its level of loudness is 74 decibels decibels Db (city traffic is 80 Db and normal conversation is 60 Db.)

Does it have a molding issue? To avoid molding make sure you periodically clean the device and dry the water reservoir. Also from time to time run white vinegar through it to kill bacterias.

What is a warranty on Waterpik Aquarius? Waterpik Aquarius comes with 3-year warranty.

How the performance is compared to Ultra WP-100? Aquarius and Ultra provide the same performance in terms of water pressure.

How many tips does Aquarius come with? Waterpik Aquarius comes with 7 tips. Please read about Aquarius tips here

How long is the cord? The cord is 52″ long.

Can I share Waterpik Aquarius with my family members/husband/children? Yes, sure. You just need to have your personal tip. Please make sure you buy a tip for each family member.

Can I use Aquarius outside US? Yes you can, but you have to buy a network adapter that will convert to the right voltage. Aquarius’ voltage is 120VAC/60Hz and you have to buy an adapter for at least 13 watts.

Can I put water resevoir in a dishwasher? Yes, the official manual states that water reservoir is dishwasher safe. The tank has a valve, so please make sure you remove it before and put in place after you pick it out of a dishwasher.

How long can it work on a single water reservoir? A single water reservoir provides 90+ seconds of work.

What is the capacity of water tank? Water tank is 22 Ounces (650 ML.)

What is the pressure range of this device? Pressure range of Waterpik Aquarius is 10-100 PSI (0.703 To 7.030 Kg/Cm2.)

How fast is the water flow? Maximum flow rate in Aquarius is 13 Ounces per minute (400 ML.)

What is the water pulsation rate? Aquarius provides 1400 pulses per minute.