Water reservoir

The water reservoir is 35 Ounces(1000 ML). This is a huge capacity. It’s more than in any other water flosser. E.g. Aquarius has only 22 Ounces reservoir(650 ML.)

The reservoir can be reverted and placed as a cover. In the reverted position, water flosser becomes very compact and portable.

The reservoir has a rubber valve on the bottom. So when you place it into position make sure to connect the contacts between the reservoir and the base of the unit by pressing down.

Control panel

The unit has only turn ON/OFF button. Other than that it is very simple and straightforward to use. Just put the tip into your mouth and turn it on.

Tips Storage and tips included

The Tips Storage can store 4 tips.
It comes with the following tips included:

  • Two Classic Jet Tips – for general use
  • One Pik Pocket Tip – for periodontal pockets

For the best results I recommend using Classic Jet Tip. It provides the best performance. See also Waterpik Tips Guide.


Waterpik Classic has the following dimensions(height x width x depth): 7.7” x 7.3” x 4.3” or 19.7 cm x 18.5 cm x 11cm. Those are typical dimensions for the countertop water flosser. The weight of the unit is 1.3 Lbs.


Waterpik Classic design is slightly conservative, but overall it’s fine. The water flosser comes in a single color: the white base with the blue water reservoir. The design has no flaws so far. It is convenient and easy to use.

The Handle

The handle in Waterpik Classic has two controls:

  • pause button used to pause the water stream. It is useful at the beginning and the end of flossing. It is also handy when you want to reposition the tip in your mouth.
  • Pressure settings. It is a slider with 6 settings available. I recommend starting with the lower one at the beginning. Once you’ve mastered it go ahead and gradually increase to the maximum comfortable setting for the best results.

The handle tip rotates on 360-Degrees for the easier reach in any place.
To replace the tip, just pull the handle’s head and remove the tip. Then insert a new tip until it “clicks”.

The handle is connected with a long 4-Feet hose to the base of the unit.

Comparing to other Waterpiks

Comparing to Countertops and Combinations

Waterpik Classic has the biggest water reservoir of 35 Ounces. The most popular models Waterpik Ultra, Waterpik Aquarius and even Waterpik Complete Care have a smaller reservoir. When it comes to performance and cleaning efficiency, it is the same. Waterpik Classic is more compact, since its reservoir can be used as a cover. As for the price, then Waterpik Classic is cheaper when compared to Countertop and Combination Waterpiks. It is also loud as other Waterpik water flossers.

Comparing to Cordless Waterpiks.

Waterpik Classic is meant for use at home and it is hard to make a decent comparison with Cordless Waterpiks, since they are mostly for travel. Waterpik Classic is more performant for sure. The price is almost the same. Cordless Waterpiks are definitely more compact, so if you are looking for a travel water flosser, then they would fit you better, for sure.

Final conclusion

Waterpik Classic is an effective water flosser for the whole family. Its big Water Reservoir and Tips Storage makes it convenient for use at home. With the proper use, Waterpik Classic will eliminate the need to floss. So it is a life saver for those who have troubles with flossing.

Waterpik Classic is worth its money, and I recommend getting it. This thing works and noticeably improves your oral hygiene.

Waterpik Classic FAQ

Can I use it outside the US? Waterpik Classic is compatible for use only in the North America. It has the Voltage of 120VAC/60Hz. You can use a power adapter to convert it to the desired Voltage(make sure it is at least 15W.) In this case, your Waterpik will not be eligible for the warranty service.
What is the Warranty? Waterpik Classic comes with 24-Month warranty.
Can I use it for the whole family? Yes, sure. It is indeed good for the whole family. You can keep your personal tips in the Tips Storage.
Can I use it for braces, implants, bridges, crowns, veneers? Yes, Waterpik Classic is especially useful in those cases.



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