Waterpik is dominating Water Flossers Market

People search “Waterpik” twice times more than “water flosser”. It means that Waterpik brand became the name for water flossers, similar to as Xerox became the name of photocopying machines.

Waterpik was invented from the 146th attempt

Oral irrigator was invented by the founders of Waterpik hydraulic engineer John Mattingly and dentist Gerald Moyer. Waterpik was invented from the 146th try.

Braces is the #1 reason why people buy a Waterpik

It seems like Waterpik is the most useful when you are getting braces. It really makes cleaning your braces easy and fun. The other reasons are: gingivitis, tartar, furcations, crowns, bridges.

Waterpik Aquarius is the only model with several colors

Waterpik Aquarius Designer Series comes in 4 colors: white, black, pink and teal. All the other water flossers are single-colored or come in 2 colors at best.

Water flossers are most popular in US, then goes Canada and Australia

The US has the most interest to water flossers, according to Google Trends. 700 000 Americans look for water flossers in Google every month. Water flossing becomes more popular with every month as well.

Two most popular Waterpik models are Aquarius and Complete Care

Waterpik Aquarius(5000+ reviews) and Complete Care(3700 reviews) are dominating water flossers market according to one of the biggest online stores. The next comes Waterpik Cordless Professional and Waterpik for Kids. It is interesting, that Waterpik Ultra has the lowest amount of reviews, though it is one of the best models according to dentist’s advice.

Twitter is #1 network where users talk about Waterpik

Users tend to share their opinion about flossing, water flossing and dental topics on Twitter more often than on other networks.

Waterpik is the oldest water flosser

The original name of the company was Aqua Tec Corp., which then became Waterpik. Waterpik has been producing family oral health products since 1962 and had the longest history on the market(official source.)

Waterpik has 16 different water flossers models

As of 2016, there are only 16 different models in the Waterpik line.

Waterpik Complete Care saves you $80

Waterpik Complete Care is twice cheaper than buying separate toothbrush and water flosser. It costs you about $70, instead of $150 for separately bought Sonic Toothbrush($80) plus Waterpik Ultra’s($70).



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