ShowerBreeze Oral Irrigator allows you to floss your teeth and shower at the same time. It doesn’t use any electricity and works for all standard size shower heads.

Main features:

  • Works with any standard shower head
  • Uses your shower water flow power
  • Comes with 2 color-coded tips
  • All major parts are made of metal
  • Long plastic hose
  • Can be used worldwide
  • Works with water filters
  • For more details welcome to my ShowerBreeze Oral Irrigator review.

Showerbreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator

It mounts to any standard shower head

You don’t have to order any extra parts. All the necessary attachments come with the unit. So you can use it with any standard shower head. And if you have a water filter it works as well.

Showerbreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator

It uses your water flow power

The pressure depends on your shower water stream and in most cases it does the job. You can shower and use the irrigator at the same time. To adjust the pressure you just use the diverter know that comes with the unit. It diverts the water from the shower to irrigator. So you can adjust the water stream in shower and irrigator using this valve.

It comes with 2 tips

2 tips are color-coded – red and blue. So two people can use it. If you want more tips you can order additional ones as well. Please remember to use only your personal tip. Tips have different colors for easier recognition and they work exactly the same.

It is different from electronic Waterpik

ShowerBreeze Oral Irrigator provides a constant stream of water. If you are familiar with electronic Waterpiks, you may know that they generate pulsations. Waterpik pulsation cleans better, but you can’t use it in the shower.

Showerbreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator

So all the major parts are metal

Only hose and the tips are made of plastic. The hose is made of food grade tubing approved by National Sanitation Foundation. The tips are made of Polypropylene(PP). The diverter knob and all the other parts are metal.

The hose is plastic and is 67 inches long

The hose is straight(not coiled). Its length is 67 inches (170 cm). It’s made of plastic. There is only one color.

It can be used worldwide

There is no geographical restriction. You can use it anywhere in the world. As long as you have standard size shower head it will work for you. And it doesn’t use electricity. You don’t have to worry about 110v/240v Voltage compatibility like in other electronic irrigators.

It works with water filters

If you have a shower water filter you still can use ShowerBreeze. You just mount it in the line with the filter.

Clean it with hot water

The water stays in the hose after use, so we recommend running hot water from time to time. It will help to prevent mold growth. If you just run hot water every week or so, you don’t have to worry about mold.

Showerbreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator Tips

Best use with wall-mounted showers

If you have a hand-held shower head you can still use it, but it may be too heavy and uncomfortable to hold. So it works the best for wall-mounted shower heads.

Known issues

The irrigator may not shut off completely. Use the diverter knob to divert all the water to the shower head. In the rare cases it may not work, so please contact the support and they will send the replacement part.

If you have Waterpik tips they will not work with it. ShowerBreeze has different connection type than the Waterpik.

Does it replace the flossing? It depends. Please consult your dentist for your particular case. Generally, it does a good job but doesn’t replace flossing completely.

If your shower flow is diminished after installation please take it apart and inspect for loose connections.


ShowerBreeze Oral Irrigator is a good choice for people who want to floss in the shower. It makes it easy to shower and floss at the same time and it doesn’t use any electricity. You can use it with any standard shower, so it’s a good product. Please click the link to check the prices in the real-time.

Showerbreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator



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