Do you feel like you are not getting enough pressure from your Waterpik? What I’ve found is that you might get some extra pressure from your water flosser with a simple trick: change the tip to the Classic Jet Tip. This simple method will help you get more pressure for your teeth.

Your Waterpik water flosser may provide a low pressure

If you have a Waterpik Cordless(Freedom or Professional) then those models provide less pressure than countertop Waterpiks. The highest pressure setting on those models is equal to the 7th setting on countertop Waterpik water flossers. It means it provides the maximum of 75 PSI water pressure.

So be aware of that and if you are looking for a more performant and portable water flosser, then I would rather recommend looking on JetPik water flosser. I believe Waterpik doesn’t have an honorable alternative.

Classic Jet Tip will give you more pressure

The thing about Classic Jet Tip is that it has a thin end, which provides higher pressure. Subjectively, I would say that it makes my Waterpik 30% more performant. So if you feel a lack of pressure, then try using the Classic Jet Tip and see if it helps. If it helps, then great. If it doesn’t, then I would recommend returning your Waterpik back and getting a more performant one.

What is a better water flosser to get

If you are looking for travel water flosser, then I highly recommend getting a JetPik(see my JetPik review.) It is small and portable, yet very powerful. It is superior to any Waterpik Cordless water flosser out there.

If you are looking for a countertop water flosser, then Waterpik Ultra is the best bet(see Waterpik Ultra review.) Dentists often recommend exactly that model, because it provides very high pressure and thus is very efficient. It removes plaque, bacteria, and food with ease. I bet you will not have any low-pressure issues with this one.

What else you can do to fix the low pressure

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other way to improve the Waterpik pressure. If you tried the Classic Jet Tip and still need some more pressure, then the only way is to return this one back and get another one. You may also read what is the most powerful Waterpik water flosser out there.


I hope that switching to the Classic Jet Tip will help and you will be satisfied with the cleaning effect of your Waterpik. If not, I recommend getting Waterpik Ultra for countertop or JetPik for travel.

It’s always dissapointing when you are buying some product and it doesn’t perform well in its main feature. So I encourage you to reasearch more before making the next purchase.



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